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Frequently asked Questions


How do I find images?

The search for images is based on keywords. You enter your keyword on the menu bar on the top. The system then completes it automatically and suggests additional, similar words. If, for example, you are looking for an image of staff at the check-in counter you enter the keywords “staff” and “check-in“. We will then show you all available images of colleagues at the check-in area. You can then fine-tune your search further by adding more keywords. When you, as an example, add “Munich” you will only see photos of check-in staff at Munich airport. You can easily delete individual keywords from your search by clicking on the cross beside each word. Alternatively you can look for images by name. You enter the name in the search field and press return. Then the Website only shows you the image with the name entered.

How does the keyword cloud work?

The search via the keyword cloud is a lot faster. It shows the currently most frequently entered keywords. This way you can find current topics faster with just one click. Should a keyword have been entered, the cloud changes and shows all keywords entered which are related to the one in the search field already. This reduces the result further and enables a more targeted search.

In what languages can I search?

The user interface is available in German and English. When first logging in, the language is defined by the language of the browser but you can change the pre-defined language at any time. The keywords are recognised regardless of the language of the interface and will be displayed in German as well as in English. A combination of both languages is also possible.

How do the collections work?

Individual images can be placed into the collection by simply clicking on the respective symbol. It works just like your regular online shopping basket. You can “recommend” the entire content or pass it on as a download link or download it yourself as a zip-folder.

Which filters are available?

Under the tab “Filter images” there are various filter-options available. Here you are able to, for example, exclude images which are merely available for online media. You can filter the creation date via a timeline. In addition, you can exclude images whose rights have expired.

Download/ Recommendation

How do I download images?

We offer various download options. You can either download individual images, entire collections or your basket. For this you simply click on the download symbol. Here you have the choice of different file formats which you should select according to the intended usage. You must accept our terms of use when downloading. Please note in particular that images may not be used after the specified expiry date and must be deleted from all electronic storage media.

Which image sizes are available?

There are various image sizes available for download: • Original: For printing you will need the image in this format. If the original format is another file (for example .png), this will be downloaded. • jpg medium: This file is a scaled image for printed matters in jpg-format with 300dpi, 2504 Pixel long edge. It has an sRGB profile with 90% data compression. • jpg small: This file is a scaled image for online use or presentations in jpg-format with 72dpi, 1024 Pixel long edge with 72dpi, sRGB profile with 90% data compression.

Are there any higher resolutions available?

The images are always stored in the highest available resolution. Due to legal and technical circumstances it may happen that individual images are only available in a comparatively low resolution. This cannot be changed. Higher resolutions which are way beyond the available sizes are often requested for very large-sized media. Here, the available tif-file has to merely be scaled which can normally be handled by the agency responsible for the production.

How does the recommendation work?

Besides individual images you can also forward both your collections and your basket via mail to a third party and recommend images. To do this, you simply click on the “Send”-symbol and enter the e-mail address of the recipient and a personal message. The recipient of the link doesn’t need to be registered. The functions available to the recipient of the deep links are limited to the download of the images or the entire collection. All available formats and sizes can be downloaded. Please do not download images first and then forward them. The link is valid for 14 days after creation.


What do I have to observe regarding the copyrights of the images?

Copyright - Please note that all the images are subject to copyright and the following conditions apply: Photographs may only be used for editorial or private purposes. Please see the individual copyright text at the right side. Photographs may not be manipulated or combined with other images. Photographs may only be used for making purposes with authorization in writing from Lufthansa. The image data may not be transferred to third parties. Permanently storing images on electronic systems is not permitted. Images cannot be used after expiration date and must be deleted from all electronic storage media after expiration. If you publish a Lufthansa photograph, please send a sample copy of the publication to the following address: Deutsche Lufthansa AG, FRA CI/PD, Bildredaktion und Dokumentation, Lufthansa Aviation Center, Airportring, 60546 Frankfurt / Main.

Where can I find the copyright for the image?

In general, please always check the date whether the copyright of the image has expired. You can find these in the “Detailed view” of each image directly underneath the description of the image. The expiry date of the license is binding. After the license has expired, the image may not be used anymore and has to be deleted from all electronic storage media. Please also beware that images may still have a valid license today but may expire during the course of your planned campaign. Should this be the case, the image may not be used for this campaign. Please ensure that the selected image has a valid license for the entire duration of the respective communication. The watermark “Check rights” on an image or the red display of the license indicates directly that the license will expire within the next six months or have already expired.

User rights

Which images can I see?

Every user has access to images according to his or her user group. As a “Lufthanseat” you have automatically and as a Lufthansa agency after approval access to the current marketing image pool. In case you need special formats please contact us via the contact form.

Why does my colleague see more (or less) images than me?

Your colleague possibly belongs to a different user group than you. Please use those images available for your user group. Should you regularly need images which your colleague can see and you can’t please get in touch with us via the contact form.


Why do I have to register?

You have to register to get access to all functionalities of the database. To do this you simply enter your data and e-mail address in the respective form. All data will be stored in compliance with our data protection regulations.

When will my account be activated?

If you register with a Lufthansa e-mail address your account will be automatically activated. After clicking on the confirmation link you can immediately start using all extra features. All employees of the Lufthansa Group and their subsidiaries should therefore register with their Lufthansa e-mail address. All other registrations will be activated as soon as possible.

What do I do if did not receive a confirmation link?

For the successful completion of the registration a double opt-in is necessary. To do this you simply click on the confirmation link which you’ll receive via e-mail after completing the registration. This may take a couple of minutes. Please check your Spam-folder in case you haven’t received your confirmation after a couple of minutes. Please also check whether you have entered your e-mail address correctly. If you continue to have problems with the confirmation link please contact us via the contact form.

Can I edit my personal data?

You can check and edit your personal data under the tab “My Account”. Here you can also change your password.

I have forgotten my password?

Simply click on “Forgotten your password” and enter your e-mail address. You will then get a new password via e-mail.